This may seem unusual for me to be writing about. But, as I was spending time in the word this week, I was reminded of what the Lord said to me about four years ago in May.  I was in Bulgaria getting ready to preach in a church I had never been in and was asking the Lord what He wanted me to preach. Just as clear as I have ever heard the Lord He said, “Tell them I am coming soon, get ready.” He said it twice so I knew it was important, not just for that church, but for the Body of Christ.

The question that came to me this week is, do we really believe that He is coming soon or are we just in a state of this is going on for a long time.  If we really believe that the rapture could be soon, would we live differently than we do and would our priorities be different.  If we really believed this would we be more soul minded than money minded? Would we be more concerned about our family and friends and their relationship to Jesus than our improving our lifestyle? Would we be more faithful to church and the calling on our life than where we are going on vacation?

Now, the things I have mentioned, and could have used other examples, are not bad, but where is our focus? Paul said in Ephesians 5:27, that Jesus is coming back for a glorious church. Jesus said in  Mark 13:33, “Take heed, watch and pray: for you do not know when the time is.” In other words, watch and pray as if He could come back today, and work as to reap the harvest of people that need to be saved.

If we really believed that He is coming soon, I believe our churches would be full with new converts every week. So, the question to all of us, including me, are we rapture ready?

In His love,

Pastor Ron Hunter

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