The Million Mark In India

With serious concern that the window of opportunity for ministry in India may be closing, Scott Hunter of Compassion, Fire & Glory Ministries led a team, in-cluding Chip Keller of Goose Creek and Bill Dolley of Beaufort, in conducting a three night crusade in Kavali, India for, perhaps, the final time.

If it was, the crusades concluded in power and might as approximately 55,000 souls were saved and thousands were healed by the power of God!

On the very first night, February 7, nearly 10,000 received salvation, and the testimonies of healing in-cluded a crippled one walking and a young boy’s deaf ear being healed.

The crowd doubled in size the second evening, with about 15,000 receiving Jesus. Healings and miracles began to manifest during worship and continued after the ministry of the Word, including the evi-dence of a young boy, born totally blind, being able to see for the first time. Hundreds of similarly powerful testimonies were received from those viewing the service locally via live television broadcast.

One lady watching on TV was healed of HIV, and went to the doctor the very next day to be tested to confirm what she had strongly felt inside her body. Sure enough, the test returned negative – no HIV!

Such verified physician reports continue; to date, there have been over 3,000 testimonies, including a total of 4 individuals healed of HIV, 18 people with tumors miraculously disappearing, and a young boy healed of a hole in his heart, again, actually con-firmed with before & after tests by a doctor! All praise be to God!

The crusade finished strong with 30,000 more salvations the third night, incidentally allowing Com-passion, Fire & Glory Ministries to surpass the million souls mark.

In sports, a milestone or statistic brings honor to an athlete or a team. In this case it brings glory and honor to Jesus, as He is The One who saved every single one of these million souls, and, if the truth (He surely knows) be known, the number may vastly exceed our safe estimations over the past 18 years.

Video footage of the crusade is available on Compassion, Fire & Glory Ministries’ facebook© page. Now, it’s on to Bulgaria, as Scott and his wife, Eliza, will hold meetings in three cities April 27 – May 4 to continue the revivals below:

Healing Abounds In Bulgaria

Continuing to fulfill his apostolic calling, Pastor Ron, or Papa Ron as he is known over-seas, traveled to Bulgaria last month to check on the outreach we have established there and to continue to fan the flames of revival. Accompanying him on this occasion were Heath Jones of Walterboro and Amy Malone of Goose Creek, who each ministered in a service, as well as Bill Dolley, who assisted in various capacities, including capturing the trip on film.

Pastor Ron, who ministered some 14 times over the eight day period, again witnessed a tremendous hunger for God among the people and, there-fore, a tremendous outpouring of God’s healing power.

Yet, as particularly noted on this trip, the healing manifesta-tions extended beyond the con-gregation, and began while the word was being preached.

In the very first service the local pastor’s wife was healed! She had a noticeable growth on her face and suffered as well from an issue with her ear, resulting in it having bled. After the service someone asked her if she had undergone a procedure to remove the growth.

Puzzled by the question, she reached for it and noticed it had disappeared during the service. Furthermore, her ear was also completely healed!

Likewise, later in the week, during a service, Pastor Ron received a word of knowledge concerning someone’s ear be-ing healed. Afterwards he re-ceived a report that a growth in someone’s ear had totally disappeared.

During a healing service a teenager with a knee problem simply went to stretch his leg out during a service and heard the knee pop. Behold, it was healed!

When You “Kneed” A Healing – Preach!

Heath JonesHeath Jones, now in his early forties, has suffered pain in his knees ever since his little league and high school baseball days, playing catcher. Sometimes, the pain was so excruciating it would take a while to go to sleep. Climbing up stairs or a hill would have been dreadful.

Well, as a youth leader here at Spoken Word, God had given him a message to share, presumably with our youth on a Wednesday. God had other plans! He had him share the message to the youth in Bulgaria. While ministering, his knees were more than just healed; they were divinely replaced! He feels that he has the knees of a teenager again! Immediately put to the test, he was able to climb a mountain in Bulgaria – pain free!

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