Reaching the world with the Word of God

Pastor Ron Hunter

Senior Pastor at Spoken Word Outreach Ministries

Ron Hunter is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Spoken Word Outreach Ministries. Ron answered the call of God on his life in 1975, and went into full time ministry in 1979. For several years he served as pastor of a growing church in Hampton, S.C., pioneering ground in the charismatic movement. After obeying the voice of God and moving to Beaufort County to establish Spoken Word Outreach Ministries, he truly became a pioneer in the things of the Spirit. At that time, hardly anyone was preaching the fullness of the Spirit, much less praying for the sick and bringing deliverance to those in bondage. As God began to move, word spread, and people from all around began to come and receive from the Lord. Many of those who came to see so many years ago are still a part of our fellowship today, some driving as much as an hour each way to be taught the Word of God. As a result, many have been sent out into the work of the ministry.

Pastor Ron has a special call on his life. Walking in the office of an apostle, he has become known around the world as Papa Ron, as the fatherly anointing on his life is easily recognized by many. Not only are both of his sons in full time ministry, but many spiritual sons and daughters have received from the mantle on his life. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 4:15 that we have many teachers but not many fathers. This is so true. Pastor Ron is a true father in the Lord, always putting his seed first. He desires so much to see each one of them walk in the best that God has for their lives. For over 30 years he has given of himself tirelessly to the work of the ministry, and is still going strong today. As he continues to lead the congregation at Spoken Word, as well as travel around the world teaching others, he sets himself as an example to follow. Those who know him well can truly say that he is like the apostle Paul in that he is also one whom we can imitate in the gospel. We thank God for a pastor and a father in the faith like him.


"We look forward to seeing you here."

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