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Covid-19 Official Statement

As many of you know, the world has been put under a tremendous amount of stress and inconvenience due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Below is the official statement from our leadership concerning the operation of both the church and school based here in Seabrook, SC.

The church will continue to operate as normal as we fall under the limit of recommended cancellation of public gatherings. We encourage all of our members to follow CDC recommendations for personal hygiene to prevent the spread of any illness. We also encourage you to check in on those who are elderly, not just from our church, but in your community during this time of crisis and need. Let us continue to be the light and a place of refuge to those in need.

After much discussion and research, we have carefully decided to keep our school open at this time. Below are some of the factors contributing to this decision.

1. As an independent private school, the decision to open or close is ours to make.
2. We feel that due to the size of enrollment and the ability to protect our student’s environment as opposed to larger schools, we can safely remain open.
3. We realize that many parents around the state are facing a huge inconvenience concerning what to do with their children due to the closing of public schools, and we are trying to assist you by not having to face this burden.
The following are guidelines we will implement during this time of public-school closings in SC.
1. The school will proceed as normal with academics and instruction.
2. There will be no field trips during this time to limit the interaction of student to environments beyond our control.
3. If your child is running a fever or developing a cough or illness, please keep them home. If your child has documented allergies and symptoms that are seasonal, they may attend school. If your child comes to school with symptoms outside of that, they will be sent home and not be allowed to return without a doctor’s note.
4. Should you choose to not send your child to school during this time of public-school closing, absences will not be enforced. However, your child will be required to work from home the same as other schools in the state that are closed are requiring, both public and private. Tests will be made up, but instructional time will not.
5. Assignments will be available for pick up for your child, if you choose to keep them at home, during home room and school dismissal times. We also ask you to remember that our teachers are dealing with the same situation as you, so we ask that you do not contact them at home unless it is an emergency.
6. We will be monitoring all direction from our government and will proceed accordingly with decisions.

We know that this time can be difficult on all of us in many ways, but we want to assure you that we are here for you. We do not take any of these decisions lightly, and our desire is work with you to get through this time. We pray and believe that this will pass sooner than later, and together we will get though this safely and successfully. Thank you all for your continued support.

In His service,

Ron Hunter

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