Reaching the world with the Word of God

Welcome to Spoken Word Outreach Ministries!

'Reaching the world with the Word of God.'

Looking for a church in or near Beaufort SC? We would love to have you as a member of our Christian family.
Please join us for our next Wednesday or Sunday worship service.

  • Looking for a Church?

    Looking for a Church?

    If you are looking for a church in Beaufort, SC, we would like to welcome you to attend one of our Sunday services. Our church is located in Lobeco, SC near Beaufort, Burton, Sheldon, Yemassee, and the surrounding areas.

  • Support Our Ministry

    Support Our Ministry

    Our ministry is solely funded by our members and members of the community that give financially to support us. If you have the means to give to our church, we appreciate it and thank you for helping us to bring people closer to the Lord.

Come Visit Us Next Service

Pastor Ron Hunter

Visit Spoken Word Outreach Ministries this Sunday!

Greetings from the Senior Pastor

As founder and senior pastor of Spoken Word, I welcome you to our church!

Established in 1982, we are a Bible Church and Training Center with a world outreach vision. If you decide to join us for a service at Spoken Word Outreach Ministries, I trust your visit will be an enriching experience. You may not initially understand every-thing you witness, yet what we teach and practice is Bible! Such is the reason for this letter.

Feel free to speak to one of our leaders, whom we will introduce on our Church Staff page. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have. If you would like a call, please let us know, or simply indicate such on your visitor’s card and place it in the offering bucket. I trust God will minister to you and meet any need you or your family may have.

We Are A Bible Church & Training Center

The mission of this ministry is to literally teach and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God all over the world, through every means possible. In doing so we strive to bring the Body of Christ and its leaders into spiritual maturity, to equip them for service, and to spread the Gospel so the glory of God may cover the earth.

How do we accomplish this? Pastor Ron, in over two decades, has been in 19 different countries. His oldest son, Scott, has ministered in 26. Between the two, they make about a dozen mission trips each year, during which they teach the Word to pastors and leaders, and preach the Gospel to thousands in crusades.

Signs and wonders follow their ministry, as they report many salvations, healings and miracles each trip. In addition, DVD Bible Schools have been established all over the world. This same resource, containing over 100 hours of fundamental teaching, is avail-able to our church family, free, as part of our lending library.

Our mission is carried out daily through our school, Agape Christian Academy. We also seize each opportunity for local community outreach and evangelism. Through every facet of ministry, though, we strive to teach, preach and exemplify the ever abundant, unconditional, agape love of God.

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